Semester - 1

Paper 1 British Literature from Chaucer to the Eighteenth century

Section A(Poetry)

Geoffrey Chaucer : “The General Prologue to Canterbury Tales”

John Donne : “The Canonization” “The Valediction”

Andrew Marvell : “To His Coy Mistress”

John Milton : “Paradise Lost” Book 1X

John Dryden : “Mac Flecknoe”

Alexander Pope “Epistle to Dr.Arbuthnot”(The Atticus Passage)

Thomas Gray : “Elegy written in a Country Churchyard”

(Donne and Milton (Paradise Lost lines from 495 to 744)are marked for annotation purpose


Section B:Drama

Shakespeare :Hamlet

Webster : The Duchess of Malfi

Sheridan : The School for Scandal

Section C: Prose and Fiction

Francis Bacon : “Of Marriage”, “Of Death”

Swift : Gulliver’s Travels

Henry Fielding : Tom Jones

The course explores colonialism and its cultural impacts, through writings produced by people from countries with a history of colonialism, primarily those concerned with the workings and legacy of colonialism and the postcolonial resistance to them.

This course is designed to help the learners to understand the text Readings on Gender effectively.

successWriting for Academic Success will help us hone our skills in academic writing. In this course, we'll improve our writing skills through a focus on a few errors in our writing and exercises to overcome them.

 The course attempts to offer an understanding of the Modern Age.  The course explores the name and nature of Moderism.