Semester - 1

Paper 1 British Literature from Chaucer to the Eighteenth century

Section A(Poetry)

Geoffrey Chaucer : “The General Prologue to Canterbury Tales”

John Donne : “The Canonization” “The Valediction”

Andrew Marvell : “To His Coy Mistress”

John Milton : “Paradise Lost” Book 1X

John Dryden : “Mac Flecknoe”

Alexander Pope “Epistle to Dr.Arbuthnot”(The Atticus Passage)

Thomas Gray : “Elegy written in a Country Churchyard”

(Donne and Milton (Paradise Lost lines from 495 to 744)are marked for annotation purpose


Section B:Drama

Shakespeare :Hamlet

Webster : The Duchess of Malfi

Sheridan : The School for Scandal

Section C: Prose and Fiction

Francis Bacon : “Of Marriage”, “Of Death”

Swift : Gulliver’s Travels

Henry Fielding : Tom Jones