Introduction to Pyhton programming (Basic Course)

Course Objectives


  • To learn the basics of Pyhton Programming 

As Per university of Calicut LRP Pattern

Family relations and Counselling is carried out for BSc S2 Home Science students. FRC covers wide range of topics from marriage, family, crisis in family, parental attitudes, role of family in personality, population education,population explosion,  family planning, sex education, stress management, civic sense and characteristics of old age.

  • FRC will enable the students to apply their knowledge and awareness of human relationships in human development.
  • FRC equip students in understanding people,families and community and to understand human relation and to give necessary counselling and guidance at times of  need.
  • FRC make students understand the importance of family interaction in the development of children.

This course intends to develop skill in creative writing in Malayalam. As the visual media is very active in Malayalam it is easy for the students to get a job in the field of creative writing. 

This course provides the students an insight into various tools and techniques of management accounting. 

A great opportunity and interactive way to learn and master HINDI.

Objective and Efficient approach to learn how to speak hindi easily and quickly.Whether you are going to spend a few days in North India ,be it a leisure trip,a business trip or religious tourism,Hindi is a language which will come in handy . Nothing will be more useful to you than to be able to slip a few words in hindi .Or for that matter taken into consideration the amount of migrant labourers staying in south India learning Hindi has become a must .

This 3 months course is designed to improve your communication skills and not to go through the intricacies of Hindi grammar and Literature.

The course covers listening & speaking skills  with emphasis on audio and video sessions.You play little games ,enjoy puzzles  ,learn vocabulary words and much more.

This course is a quick fix that will teach you core Hindi words and phrases for conversation.

The course is designed as an outreach programme of Dept of Hindi,Govt Arts & Science College,Tanur.

Duration : 3 Months

Fees  : None

Course Instructor: Dr Sophia Rajan,assistant Professor ,Govt Arts & Science College ,Tanur

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