Electromagnetic theory is a core course in B.Sc Electronics curriculum. The course covers static and dynamic electric and magnetic fields and their interaction. Major topics include Vector calculus, Electrostatistics and Magnetostatistics, Maxwells equation, Electromagnetic Waves and Antenna fundamentals. 

Credits:  Theory-04                               Theory Lectures: 60h

At the end of this course, students will be able to

CO1 Understand the fundamentals of Electrostatics and Magnetostatics hence get the insight of the characteristics of materials and their interactions with electric and magnetic fields

CO2 Understand the application of Vector Differential and Integral operators in Electromagnetic Theory.

CO3 Interpret Maxwell’s equations in differential and integral forms, both in time and frequency domains..

CO4 Describe the complex ε, μ, and σ, plane waves, Snell’s laws from phase matching, and calculate the reflection and transmission coefficients at the interface of simple media

CO5 Calculate input impedance and reflection coefficient of an arbitrarily terminated transmission-line and can use Smith chart to convert these quantities.